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Dan Arsenault, Host
Church for Skeptics is a ministry of “apologetics”. The term comes from a verse in 1 Peter which means to give a reasonable answer regarding the Christian faith, and we are encouraged to be able to defend the validity of what we believe. Dan Arsenault is the founder of CFS, and produces a TV program that can be viewed on WVUA on Sunday at 11:00 pm.                                      

  • Comcast:Channel 3 and 17
  • Charter: Channel 6
  • Direct TV and Dish TV: Channel 23

Dan is available to teach churches, youth and college groups, and is willing to talk to most any group that is interested in hearing the strong evidence for the Christian faith. The evidence is compelling, but rarely gets a fair hearing. Contact Dan at dan@churchforskeptics.org.

Dan Arsenault Ministries, Int’l.


August 20th – 21st – Apologetics Conference at Christ Harbor Methodist Church (register at Christ Harbor.org

September 4th -5th – Singles Retreat for Geyer Springs First Baptist Church

October 17th – November 14th – First Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa